Uptown Girl

Annotated Bibliography

Investigation continues in deadly Harlem shooting. (2010, August 9). Eyewitness News, local news. Retrieved from http://abclocal.go.com/wabc/story?section=news/local&id=7599774

This is the report of an ongoing investigation of a recent shooting in Harlem, Manhattan. While at a block party, an argument between two men resulted in violence. They began struggling for control of a gun belonging to one of the men, Luis Soto. There was a strong police response and Angel Alvarez, the other man, was shot 23 times by police officers but survived while Luis Soto died from a bullet that Alvarez is accused of shooting. I chose this article because it is local news from upper Manhattan. Eyewitness news is a local New York City channel with offices in Manhattan and as a part of the ABC is has a strong historical following.

Cop bracelets in posh thefts. (2010, August 11). The New York Post, local news. Retrieved fromhttp://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/cop_bracelets_in_posh_thefts_8KOimGMEd78Un8wPiUwowJ#ixzz0xi5IseOW

This article reports of a group of men using false credit cards to make fraudulent purchases at the elegant Hermes store on the upper east side of Manhattan. This resulted in a high speed police chase though the city where eventually the men were cuffed and charged with grand larceny. This is an upscale crime, fitting in with my topic of crime in Manhattan. The New York post is the oldest newspaper in the city to be published as a ‘daily’ and  is sold every day at almost every news stand in the city.

$7 Million Payout in Sean Bell Case.(2010, July 28). The Wall Street Journal, NY Crime.Retrievedfromhttp://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703977004575393823233738384.html?mod=WSJ_topics_obama

The infamous Sean Bell case has been a popular, controversial and anger fused topic since its occurrence in 2006 when the unarmed Sean Bell was shot and killed by 50 police bullets. The city has agreed to pay 7 million dollars to the family and had also renamed a street in dedication to the man. This was a crime by law enforcement. The Wall street journal is a respected source as it is the largest news paper in the United States by circulation with over 2.1 million copies according to Wikipedia.


Angel Alvarez, man who survived 23 gunshot wounds held onto firearm, cops charge in felony case (2010, Aug 19) NY Daily News, local,  retrieved from http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2010/08/19/2010-0819_angel_alvarez_man_who_survived_23_gunshot_wounds_held_onto_firearm_cops_charge_i.html#ixzz0xiE0qiIz

This article details some of the court proceedings and testimonies surrounding the Harlem shooting previously listed in my bibliography. The police involved claim that Angel Alverez shot at them and he was found with a gun in his hands. No civilian witnesses have been brought forward so far. The police are hoping to keep Alvarez behind bars. The daily news is a widely circulated news paper found in 1919 by Mortimer Zuckerman and has won 10 Pulitzer prizes.

Questions resurface in NYC doctor’s 1981 slaying (2010, August 2). MSNBC news, Crime and courts, J. Pelz. Retrieved from http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38517681/ns/us_news-crime_and_courts/


In 1981 when the crime rate in upper Manhattan was four times as frequent as it is today, a nurse was shot in the heart as he returned to work at a hospital. The crime was committed for the price of just $5 dollars that was robbed from his wallet. Darryl Whitley was convicted for the crime in 2002, to serve 22 years in prison. However, this article details of recent new rulings that he may not have had a fair trial. This article offers a commentary into the changing level of crime in Manhattan.  MSNBC is a cable news channel which partnered with Microsoft in  1996 and enjoys 220 million funding from them. It is a well known channel, with a large base in New York City.


 DelSignore, J. (2010, June 7). Gimbels Passageway Btwn Herald Square and Penn Station [Web log post].

Retrieved from


In the early 80’s at the peak of criminal activity in Manhattan an underground passageway called “Gimbels Passageway” near 34th street  was closed due to crime. 30 years later officials are now talking about reopening it. The passageway will allow for more movement in the cities most congested areas around Penn station. The changes in the level of crime in Manhattan are illustrated by articles such as these. “Gothamist” is a company that runs 12 blogs about various topics related to Manhattan. It has received 6 bloggies nominations, names a ‘forbes favorite’ and listed as ‘best of the web’ in 2007 by business week, according to Wikipedia.


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